“CFE has lost control over its staff” – Business Coordinating Council

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has lost control over its staff It is not possible to see receipts for businesses that have been closed for more than 50 days with debts up to double what they paid when they worked.

MERIDA Yucatán (Times Media Mexico) – Michel Salum, president of the Business Coordinating Council, accuses the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of having lost control over its staff. “It is not possible to see receipts for businesses that have been closed for more than 50 days with debts up to double what they paid when they worked.


You have to get to the top bosses to get them to resolve it, but there are more and more abuses, and you can’t be calling them for every anomaly that occurs. The federal government orders us to close our businesses. It orders everyone to lock themselves in their homes, and it leaves us all without income… then not only is it the only authority that does not help business people or citizens, but it alters the electricity bills, increases the charges. If you don’t pay, they cut off your service without any consideration. That’s why we start to see them as thieves and opportunists who take advantage of the situation,” Salum emphasized.

Michele Salum declared that the entity’s business leaders are considering calling the CFE authorities to a virtual meeting to raise this situation and demand a solution, mainly so that they stop applying charges based on their staff’s estimates “in businesses that have been closed for almost two months.

The president of the Yucatan Canirac, Roberto G. Canton, said that some of its members had detected irregularities in the billing of consumption. Still, the group has addressed these cases, and the CFE has corrected these failures.

According to the head of the Federal Consumer’s Office (Profeco), Yucatan delegation, Sisely del Rosario Burgos Cano, as of May 15 of this year, 147 complaints have been registered with the Consumer’s Office from private users about the high rates they are receiving from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

According to entrepreneurs in the solar panels field the new electricity policy will affect businesses engaged in renewable energy. Still, the real impact is that it will further increase the cost of electricity in Mexico. The effects on the entry into force are not yet known, of the agreement of the Policy of Confiabilidad, Security, Continuity, and Quality of the National Electrical System, against companies dedicated to the sale and installation of photovoltaic systems. There will be problems in the future since the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace) of the Ministry of Energy (Sener) can turn off the systems installed in homes, from their offices.

For its part, federal legislator Cecilia Patrón Laviada expressed that the new Policy Confiabilidad, Security, Continuity, and Quality in the National Electricity System published by the Secretariat of Energy on May 15, represents a hard blow to employment, quality of life and environmental care throughout the country and in particular for Yucatan. This state has developed a powerful promotion of investment in clean energy. “This is a major setback in generating clean energy by taking advantage of the wind and solar power of our state. Now the federal government is turning it back,” she said in a statement.

Cecilia Patrón

The legislator, member of the Treasury Committee, said there is a risk of losing more than 12,000 jobs and investments for more than 4.5 billion USD in the renewable energy sector.


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