Cancun to launch 2X1 Special

Cancun has taken the example of other destinations around the world by launching offers to reactivate tourism once the health emergency is over.

We are all waiting for the moment when the pandemic ends so that we can go out again and recover our daily life and even be able to go on vacation.

That is why Cancun has taken the example of other destinations in the world by launching offers to reactiate tourism once the health emergency is over. For example, some destinations in Italy are offering to pay travelers for their flight and hotel, in order to visit them.

As part of the ‘Come to Cancun 2 × 1’ project, ‘pay 1 and get 2 packages’ will be promoted on many beaches of Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and Cancun itself.

Come to Cancun x2

According to the Cancun Hotel Association (AHCP), the objective is to accelerate the economic and tourist recovery on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

#VenACANCUNX2 is a formal campaign promoted by the AHCP and we see it feasible that with the material that is ready we can launch a unique campaign coordinating the private initiative and the state and municipal governments, ”said Carlos Gosselin, member of the AHCP.

Through a statement, AHCP shared the strategy that includes offers such as:

Two free nights for every two paid nights

Refund of the plane ticket to travel with a companion

Social media contests to earn a lifetime travel certificate to Cancun

The official call will be published by the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council no later than May 20.

The health authorities are expected to lift the quarantine next June and the destination is preparing to receive visitors.

To do this, the hoteliers are proposing that both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism (both federal) review the guidelines and grant sanitary certifications that designate them as Covid-19 free in order to start the opening and thus guarantee the protocols of security.

“We think that a ‘Covid-Free’ certificate should be created so that the entire state, the entire tourism industry of Quintana Roo, restaurants, tourist parks, discotheques, marinas, casinos, among many other businesses, we linked on June 1 as ‘Covid-Free destination’ ”, said the president of the Cancun Hotel Association, Roberto Cintrón Gómez.

This seal seeks to voluntarily and autonomously condition the facilities of the sector through hygiene and sanitation actions, both in destinations and at airports.

They also foresee that various types of international certification will emerge, which will be integrated in due course, but always in accordance with the local legal framework.