Bars and nightclubs close after a surge in COVID cases in South Korea.

In South Korea, it was decided to continue “life as usual”. Now bars and clubs have to close their doors after a new surge in coronavirus infections.

SEOUL, Korea (Agencies) – Authorities have ordered the closure of more than 2,100 nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in Seoul after a spike in COVID infections related to the reopening of these businesses last weekend in the well-known Itaewon neighborhood.

The administrative order signed by the mayor, Park Won Soon, implies the “immediate and indefinite suspension” of the activity for these businesses and threatens with “serious penalties” in case of non-compliance, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

“The lack of concern can lead to an explosion of contagion. We have noticed this after the group infections in Itaewon clubs,” Park added.

On Saturday, Korean authorities reported 18 new infections, 17 of them related to an individual who visited five clubs or restaurants last weekend. However, the number could increase because there are at least 1,500 registered cases at the clubs’ entrances, of which 1,300 could not be located.

Authorities have urged those who visited the Itaewon premises last weekend to get tested and avoid leaving home to prevent further contagion.

South Korea returned to normal on Wednesday after managing to reduce infections to two-digit numbers despite being one of the first countries affected after the coronavirus left its home country.

The same could happen in Mexico and the United States who are decided to re-open the economy.