Authorities from Dujiangyan, China donate 10,000 mouth covers to the municipality of Dzidzantún

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- The Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula managed to obtain the donation of 10,000 mouth masks for the municipality of Dzidzantún, Yucatan as a gift from its sister city Dujiangyan, China.

Dr. Bai Yi, Representative of the municipal government of Dujiangyan in the state of Yucatan and president of the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula delivered the aforementioned donation on behalf of the Government of Dujiangyan, on Friday, May 29, to the municipal president of Dzidzantún, Prof. Ismael Aguilar Puc, along with other officials of this municipality in a simple act carried out in the offices of the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and headquarters of the representation of the municipal government of Dujiangyan in our State, located in Mérida’s Colonia Buenavista, keeping all the necessary measures of healthy distance and prevention.

In recent months, Dr. Bai promoted the twinning between Dzidzantún and Dujiangyan with the aim of promoting cultural, economic and diplomatic relations between the two municipalities, and he has also been the diplomatic liaison and promoter of the twinning of Mérida, Progreso and the State of Yucatan with cities and provinces of China.

When making the delivery of the 10,000 face masks, he mentioned that on behalf of the Dujiangyan municipal government, he makes the donation hoping that it will help preserve the health of the inhabitants of Dzidzantún and to reinforce the actions that the municipal health and civil protection personnel are carrying out.

He added that this is a sign of the solidarity and brotherhood of the people and the government of Dujiangyan with the people of Yucatan, as a true symbol of friendship. He stressed that it is of vital importance to help fight the adversity in Yucatan and Mexico.

The Mayor of Dzidzantún, Prof. Ismael Aguilar Puc thanked the support on behalf of the inhabitants of his municipality and mentioned that these face masks are a fundamental tool to work while taking care of the health and safety at the same time.

These items will be of great benefit for the inhabitants of San Francisco and Santa Clara, especially taking into account that in the municipalities and remote communities of the state, it is difficult to have access to the supplies and materials necessary to prevent the contingency.

He recognized that this is a great display of solidarity and brotherhood in difficult times by the Chinese Community, who demonstrates that together we will soon overcome this pandemic and move forward.

Aguilar Puc gave Dr. Bai Yi a Certificate of Appreciation for his Social Solidarity and for all the support and management to obtain this important donation.

The Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, has been actively supporting prevention and combat actions against Covid-19 and has given and managed support for different agencies and cities twinned with Chinese cities, as it is the case with Dzidzantún.

Press release issued by the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.