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Another epidemic hits the Yucatan: unemployment

by Yucatan Times
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In the state of Yucatan, a drop of 3.4 percent in formal jobs was registered in the last two months, which is equivalent to the disappearance of 13,669 jobs.

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in Yucatan, last month there was a drop in formal jobs of 3.4 percent, from 386,116 insured before the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) at the end of March to 373,047 at the end of April.

Of the total number of jobs lost between March and April, which were 13,669, a total of 43 percent (5,643 jobs) were permanent.

The drop recorded last month in formal jobs is the worst registered in Yucatan in the last five years, beating the loss of 2,399 jobs recorded between December 2019 and January 2020, according to data from the IMSS.

For its part, the state of Quintana Roo registered an 11.8 percent drop, losing 44,984 jobs in April. The total number of jobs affiliated to the IMSS in March was 424,238 and at the end of last month, 379,254.

Campeche registered a drop of 1.58 percent; as it went from 133,756 formal jobs registered with the IMSS, to 131,649 at the end of April. The total number of jobs lost in the state of Campeche is 2,107.

Covid-19 was less harmful during March, because the first positive case was registered on March 13 and by the end of the month the total was 50.

Comparing the first semester of this 2020 with 2019, three thousand seven jobs were lost since from January to April last year 7,227 jobs had been created, while for this year 4,220 workers have been insured.

After losing 552 formal jobs in January 2019; in February 2019, 3,190 new insured persons were registered with the IMSS; in March, 2,134 and in April, 1,903.

This year, from December to January, 2,399 jobs were lost. In February, 2,735 workers were registered before the IMSS and in March, 1,485.

The current number of jobs registered with the IMSS in Yucatan is less than that in December 2019, that added up to 384,295, which was exceeded in February 2020 with 384,631 insured positions.

It should be noted that until February 2020 (most recent data provided by the Inegi), the unemployment rate in Yucatan was 1.9 percent, lower than the national 3.6.

The average daily salary of the insured before the IMSS in the state, until the month of March was 337. 55 pesos a day for a monthly total of 10,126.50 pesos. While the national daily average was 399.28, which represents 11 thousand 978.40 pesos per month.

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