AMLO’s morning conference. Reading between the lines.

MEXICO CITY In a morning conference filled with reproaches and long silences, AMLO showed his disgust against the Bank of Mexico after it presented a gloomy growth forecast for the country, asserting that they are worse than the IMF’s projections.

He also criticized the Supreme Cort for ruling in favor of the INEGI and COFECE opening the door for them to earn more than the president. “Soon, all autonomous organizations will want the same thing. It is a matter of justice and principles”. AMLO stated

He also said he has already decided to go on tour on Tuesday despite the Health Council meeting today to decide on a return to the “new normality.”

López Obrador remained silent when asked why the campaign “Count to 10” against gender violence, was not presented in the morning conferences and why initiated as the confinement ends instead of doing it sooner. The president said he is not a feminist but a humanist and said he is in favor of the protection of women.

In another matter, he announced that he reversed his decision to cancel the long weekends and said that in the next school year, those would be respected as part of the recovery plan for the tourism sector.

On other issues, he said that with the initiative to extinguish funds and trusts, support for creators, films, scientists, etc., will not end. He simply changed how aid is given, “it will be done directly, without intermediaries.

He revealed -without proof- that the admission of medical students was sold for up to 150 thousand pesos. He promised that the entire admission process would be modified, highlighting his idea of scholarships abroad.

Finally, he clarified that his new welfare index would not leave out the measurement of GDP, but he considered it necessary to have growth with welfare and a focus from the poor to the rich.

– The opponents were engaged in plundering the country.
– For there to be no increase in light, gasoline, etc., companies must do their part. The State must recover PEMEX, CFE. Nobody is going to privatize what belongs to “the people.” That’s why the contracts are going to be revised.

– The start of the “new normality” is urgent.
– His government will set rules for student admission processes.
– He is against the “neoliberal” ideas of the Bank of Mexico.
– He defends the index for measuring well-being.
– He criticizes the Supreme Court of Justice for ruling in favor of decentralized bodies.
– He downplays the importance of the campaign to prevent domestic and gender-based violence.

– Increase in infections and deaths.
– Projects with renewable energies.
– Falling economy.
– Insecurity.
– Unemployment.

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