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AMLO’s fight with the private initiative becomes political.

by Yucatan Times
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MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – If anyone thought in the relationship between the business sector and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, there would be an opportunity for reconciliation after yesterday’s morning news conference. It confirmed that this is light-years away. As a matter of fact, the private initiative’s lawsuits against AMLO’s governments are growing.

 At the morning conference, the President listed a series of adjectives against the private initiative – which demands to overturn the agreement limiting private sector participation in clean energy. – AMLO accuses them of “signing leonine contracts” and doing “dirty business” to recommending that instead of suing his government in court, “they should be asking for forgiveness”. 

The President, looked very upset and ended his recriminations against members of the private sector accusing them of conspiracy and wanting to destroy government companies, such as Pemex and CFE. 

As President, López Obrador has repeatedly accused “neoliberal” and “conservative” business and political opponents dedicated to the “corrupt” economic model of his predecessors of thwarting it.

That narrative ties in well with his political base, which, like López Obrador, says that opposition businessmen conspired with their political enemies to steal the 2006 elections.

The resistance he prophesied is increasingly becoming a reality, just when companies are seeking help in confronting the coronavirus.

The confrontation between AMLO and the private initiative It’s a chronicle of a failure foretold. López Obrador said this week that fronts are forming against him and that “there is a whole campaign of slander, of dirty war and complete lies.”

In his morning conference, AMLO once again accused Mexican media of sensationalism. His aim this time was El Universal newspaper. “As an example, look at the headlines of EL UNIVERSAL. You will see the alarmist, the sensationalism, but not only that, the lack of professionalism. They make comparisons, for example, of deaths in Mexico with countries that have less population than our country, and so many exaggerations,” (SIC) said Lopez Obrador yesterday, May 22, 2020. 

EL UNIVERSAL newspaper published the official figures, on which, Mexico surpassed China in the number of people killed by Covid-19. That day, Mexico’s health authorities reported that the pandemic had left 4,767 dead, while China accumulated 4,637. 

China is the most populated country in the world, with almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, so it is by no means less populated than Mexico, which has a population of almost 130 million people. Hard facts. Also, the newspaper published that according to official figures, Mexico entered the list of the ten nations with the highest number of deaths by Covid-19. It’s not a comparison, it’s a list with official figures provided by the governments—hard data. 

The President’s opinions regarding the Mexican business sector keep escalating, and confrontations are imminent with no sights of reconciliation soon. Regarding his views about the information in El Universal newspaper is respectable. However, most of the population does not share it. Throughout the years, El Universal has earned prestige by doing research and journalism with hard data and without any color. 

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