A record number of deaths in one day by Covid-19 in Mexico

José Luis Alomía, Director of Epidemiology at a press conference, explained that of the total number of confirmed cases, 12,850 are active and can still transmit the virus

MEXICO CITY (Agencies) – The Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours, there were 424 deaths from Covid-19, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. There are 6,090 dead as well as 56,594 positive cases, 2,248 more than the previous day.

José Luis Alomía, director of epidemiology, explained that of the total number of confirmed cases at a press conference at a press conference, 12,85 are active and can still transmit the virus. To date, 193,589 people have been tested, 105,129 have been diagnosed as negative, and 31,866 remain suspected.

As for hospital occupancy, the official detailed that it is 39% for general beds at the national level and 32% for critical beds.

In turn, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of health, reiterated the call to society to stay home for the remaining 12 days of the National Day of Healthy Distance. “Let’s not misinterpret this as the end of the day, there are still 12 days left to stay at home, and as long as we manage to take advantage of them, with great discipline, then we can move on to new normalcy and not prolong the elements of the transition,” he said.

“When the country is large, as in the case of Mexico, with 2 million square kilometers of territory, or the United States, Brazil, Russia, China, India, epidemics rarely enter into synchrony and behave in an isolated manner, but they can enter into synchrony when there is mobility between states,” Lopez Gatell expresed.

The undersecretary also said the Valley of Mexico is in the zone of peak infection, “this does not mean that it will occur on a specific day, and we will see that the region will begin to stabilize the epidemic and decline”.

He highlighted the cases of Cancun, Culiacan, and Tijuana, where the predictions made by scientists and specialists have stuck to reality, and the curve has already begun its downward phase. He added that in Oaxaca, the projections do not adhere to what happens.

As for tourist areas, he mentioned that Acapulco is still on the rise of the epidemic curve, “we are far from reaching the critical moment, for example, here there could not be a start of activities, unlike Cancun”.

Finally, the undersecretary said that the federal government must implement comprehensive strategies that benefit all of society, which does not mean that they do not have empathy for those who have a family member in the hospital or for the health personnel who every day face a battle against the coronavirus.