501 deaths in 24 hours in Mexico, a new record

8,134 deaths per Covid: Ministry of Health.

MEXICO CITY (SSA) – In one day, the Ministry of Health registered 501 deaths from Covid-19, the highest number in 24 hours. In total, there are 8,134 deaths in the country, as well as 74,560 infections, 3,455 more than last Monday.

Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer said there were 501 fatalities from Covid-19, within the last 24 hours.

“This is generally what we expected. The figure is a little higher, but it is what is expected within a trend that continues downwards because cases that were under suspicion are added. When they are confirmed, they are presented at two o’clock, which was not Covid and now is Covid, that is the reason,” Alcocer said last night in a brief interview as he left the National Palace at the end of the evaluation meeting of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with his cabinet.

Before presenting the coronavirus pandemic’s national panorama, Jose Luis Alomia Zegarra, director of Epidemiology, mentioned that 14,718 Mexicans that make up the ongoing epidemic, were infected in the past 14 days and can still transmit it.

He explained that to date, 235,129 people had been studied to confirm or rule out Covid-19, of which 128,691 were negative, and 31,878 are suspected cases, the same state in which 716 deaths were found.

In terms of hospital occupancy, he mentioned that there are 15,021 beds available. 9,399 are occupied by Covid patients, which means that nationwide there is 62% availability of general beds and 66% of those considered critical.

According to the health department -SSA- Guerrero is the entity with more beds occupied, with 77%, followed by Mexico City, with 67%, and the State of Mexico, with 56%. With mechanical ventilation, the State of Mexico has 38% availability, Baja California, 39%, and Guerrero, 44%.

Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, General Director of Health Promotion, presented the figures on mobility and highlighted that the population of Aguascalientes increased in this area. Hence, he called for them to stay at home for the rest of the National Day of Healthy Distance.

Regarding the transition to the new normality, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez emphasized that Mexico is not experiencing a single epidemic, but that there will be entities that will reduce the number of infections. In contrast, others will accelerate transmission, so every week, a detailed traffic light will be presented for each entity.