3 year-old wandering alone in Kanasín returns home safe and sound

KANASÍN, YUCATAN (May 26, 2020) .- Publications on social networks revealed that a 3-year-old boy was wandering alone through the streets of Kanasín.

A distraction of the kid’s mother kept him out of his house for several hours, and little E.Z.A. was finally handed over to his mother K.Z.A. on Monday May 26, 2020.

The woman saw the publications that circulated on social networks about the finding of the little boy walking alone in the streets of the Villas de Oriente neighborhood, and was able to reunite with her son.

Kanasin is located 6.4 kilometers (3.1 miles) south of downtown Mérida

After being found walking alone, the little boy was kept under the protection of the Kanasín municipal police, who issued notices to search for the kid’s parents.

K.Z.A., 35, recovered her son after a few hours of not knowing about him. She was exhorted to take care and be more attentive of her son´s whereabouts, in order to avoid this type of situation in the future, that could lead to terrible consequences.

Fortunately, this time the child was able to go back home unharmed.

The family lives in the Villas de Oriente subdivision, in Kanasín, Yucatán.