24 clean energy projects in Yucatan affected by new federal provision

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (May 20, 2020) .- The 24 clean energy projects that Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced in June last year to settle in Yucatan, will be affected by the changes implemented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the clean energy sector.

Last Friday May 15th, the Ministry of Energy (Sener) published an agreement that limits the participation of renewable energy plants in the private sector, under the argument of safeguarding and giving reliability to the national electricity system.

This policy stops all private investments in electricity generation, which will give priority to fossil fuel plants; the possibility of generating energy at a lower price has also been set back.

The agreement had been rejected on May 12 for publication in the DOF because it did not have the corresponding analysis by the Regulatory Improvement Commission (Conamer), but it was already published on Friday, May 15 in the evening edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF).

The new provisions will affect the projects announced by Mauricio Vila, which were planned for an investment of $ 4.5 billion USD and that represented a capacity of 3,400 Megawatts.

The governor also indicated that Yucatan consumed 900 Megawatts, and calculated that in three or four years there would be a capacity of 3,400 Megawatts of clean energy, “making us the only state in the Republic that would have self-sufficiency and more renewable energy than what we consume ”.

In addition, Vila Dosal indicated that this would set Yucatan as a national and international example in this sector, which is why renewable energy is a priority for the state government and reiterated its full support for these projects.

However, the new policies will affect 24 important clean energy projects and so far, Vila Dosal has not spoken about the new federal provision.