Yucatecan college students make acrylic masks for medical personnel

Students and staff at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior del Sur de Yucatán (ITSSY), located in the municipality of Oxkutzcab, are producing acrylic masks created through 3D printers manufactured by themselves, called 3D “Maya”.

The team is made up of 12 students from the Industrial Engineering degree, together with professor engineer Álvaro José Leal Osorio, and other members of the institution’s staff, who are participating in this project.

José Enrique Castillo Duarte, director of the Institute, stated that these accessories are currently made with “Maya” 3D printers, which are programmed and produced at low cost, by the students themselves as part of their professional training.

Oxkutzcab is located 103 kilometers (60 miles) south of Mérida (INEGI)

The protection masks produced in the ITSSY will be distributed at the General Hospitals of Tekax and the Community Hospitals of Peto and Ticul, which serve thousands of Yucatecans in the southern region of the state.

“Due to the scale of this current health emergency, it is important to equip doctors and nurses with supplies for their protection”, Castillo Duarte said.

The Yucatan Times