Yucatán Government Secretary, María Fritz tests positive for Coronavirus

María Fritz tests positive for Coronavirus

The State Government reports that attorney María Fritz Sierra, Secretary General of the State Government, has been diagnosed today, April 1st, positive for COVID-19 coronavirus.

The government official is isolated at her home since her symptoms are very mild and her state of health is being constantly monitored, just like any other citizen who have tested positive for the virus.

It should be noted that a contagion to other government officials (such as the governor himself), has been ruled out; since from the beginning of the contingency, a special internal protocol was established given the high constitutional responsibilities that both, the Government Secretary and the State Governor carry out, so they would be dispatching from different buildings, in order to keep them apart in case one of them fell ill.

Although they maintain close collaboration and communication at all times by electronic and digital media.

The Yucatan Times