UNAM specialist says people can’t get Covid-19 through food

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- Are you in doubt as to whether the coronavirus can be spread through food? As it turns out, a specialist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) ensures that food cannot be a source of contagion for the new Covid-19 coronavirus.

“The new Covid-19 coronavirus is not spread through food,” said the professor at the UNAM’S School of Medicine, Mauricio Rodríguez.

Through the UNAM Global portal, the professor points out that food can not be contaminated with the coronavirus and this is due to its chemical characteristics.

The specialist pointed out that the virus can not stay in the food.

HOwever, the also spokesman for UNAM’s Commission for the Attention of the Emergency for Coronavirus, clarified that it is important that people with symptoms of respiratory disease do not get involved in the preparation of food, because they can contaminate s surfaces as well as kitchen utensils.

Food delivery
In the case of prepared food that is received at home, the professor pointed out it could represent a risk of contagion, “not because of what is in the food”, but due to the fact that there are many hands that are involved in handling the order, before it reaches our home.

He recommended that before consuming food, it is necessary to clean the external packages, bags or boxes.

In addition, it recommended that these packages not be placed in places of common use such as tables or desks.

He emphasized that it is important that only one person must be in charge of handling and serving the food.

In this way, the risks of transmission by contact with contaminated surfaces can be greatly reduced.

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