Two Yucatecan women are infected with Covid-19 in the U.S.

Both women, who live in different cities in the state of Oregon, are originally from Maní, Yucatán.

Times Media Mexico (April 10, 2020).- Two women from Yucatan living in the United States were diagnosed as positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, leaders of migrants’ community in the Pacific Coast of the United States reported.

The two cases were registered in the cities of Portland and Gresham, both in the State of Oregon, said Alejandro Burgos, one of the Yucatecan countrymen living in Portland, yesterday.

He added that the Yucatecan countrywoman diagnosed with coronavirus in Portland is called Manuela; while the one in Gresham is called Rosalba; and that both are native to the town of Maní, Yucatán. He recalled that a few days ago a Yucatecan countrywoman from the Oxkutzcab municipality died in Portland, a victim of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, in the city of San Francisco, California, the president of the Federation of Yucatecan Clubs of Northern California, Ángel Granados Ontiveros, reported that, so far, no Yucatecan people has been affected by the aforementioned disease, and that the members of this closed community stay constantly in communication.

The Yucatan Times