MERIDA, Yucatan – A 36-year-old man was the first fatality of the Covid-19 in the Yucatan. The authorities mentioned the man was obese. His family members are already under surveillance to determine infection.

According to the authorities report, 338 suspected cases have been reported in Yucatan. 61 are positive, 73 are under study, and 204 have been ruled out.

Out of the total number of positive cases, 41 have recovered. 11 are stable in isolation in their homes, under the supervision of Health Secretary personnel, and eight more are hospitalized. One is a British citizen who diagnosed in Yucatan, with a stable condition. The two women diagnosed positive in Peru and Canada are also hospitalized.

On Friday afternoon, April 3rd, one more patient died of coronavirus.
The daily medical report later confirmed the death. The second patient who died was a British citizen, aged 70. He was a passenger on a cruise ship. He disembarked last Monday, March 30th, at the request of his country’s government, which requested humanitarian aid from Mexico, as he was in serious condition. He has been hospitalized since then, receiving all appropriate medical care.

The Government of the State of Yucatan has already reported this death to the federal authorities and the British Embassy.
Also, his widow, a 65-year-old British citizen, diagnosed with Covid-19, but with mild symptoms, has already been informed. At the moment, she is isolated, as indicated by the protocols, permanently monitored by medical personnel from the health sector.

All protocols and guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the federal authorities are being followed.



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