Tired of being abused, Halachó woman stabs husband to death

HALACHÓ, Yucatán.- Felipe “N”, 45, was stabbed by his wife in a house located in the Soledad neighborhood, in the town of Halacho.

I was fed up with Felipe, he was always hitting me, he punched me many times, but today I said: no more …” declared M. “N”, 34, who turned herself in to the municipal police after the murder.

The woman declared to the authorities that she was drinking with her partner when Felipe, that was a jealous man, began to claim that she was cheating on him with another man, so he began to beat her up.

Halacho is located 82 kilometers (51 miles) south of Mérida (INEGI)

Given this situation, the woman, who said she was tired of her husband’s attacks, grabbed a knife and stabbed him 10 times. According to the woman’s testimony, Felipe fell to the ground in the middle of a pool of blood.

Felipe who was originally from Ticimul, Umán municipality, still had the strength to get up and lay down in his hammock, but he fell down from it, and ended up dead on the floor.

An hour after murdering her husband, the woman went to the police headquarters and confessed her crime.

Police officers went to verify the crime scene, and upon confirming the facts, M. “N” was detained.

The Yucatan Times