The peak is coming in May – Lopez Gatell

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – Hugo Lopez Gatell, undersecretary of health, informed in the morning press conference the update made on the advance of the coronavirus in Mexico, and based on that data, the following measures have just been announced:

1. The Healthy Distance Day, scheduled for April 30, will be extended until May 30.
2. The healthy distance will be maintained even after May 30 for vulnerable groups: the elderly, people with chronic degenerative diseases, pregnant women.
3. The intensities of the measures shall be “regionalized.” This will involve, among other things, segmenting national mobility, geographical containment. We will ask the inhabitants of non-contagious municipalities not to leave, as well as the inhabitants of highly contagious municipalities, Hugo López Gatell specified.
4. This segmentation will allow various municipalities to even conclude the healthy distance on May 17.
5. In general, on June 1 will begin the return, staggered, to work and classes.

According to Dr. Lopez Gatell, the peak of the epidemic in Mexico will be between May 8 and 10, and it will subside on June 25.