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Heavy storms are expected

MERIDA, Yucatan – The 58th cold front will move over the central Gulf of Mexico this Thursday, extending waterway into the Yucatan Peninsula, and is expected to be increasingly cloudy with the likelihood of rain.

There will be occasional heavy storms in the central-eastern and southern Yucatan, along Campeche, as well as in northern and central Quintana Roo.

Temperatures will be hot to very hot during the day and warm at dawn, with north-northeast winds of 20 to 30 kilometers per hour (km/h) and gusts of more than 55 km/h on the coasts of Yucatan and Campeche.

This Friday the watercourse that will extend over the Yucatan Peninsula from the 58th cold front, which will be located in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, will cause partially cloudy to half cloudy sky conditions, with the probability of intervals of showers.

There will be storms in the north-central and southern Yucatan, north and south of Campeche and northern Quintana Roo.

The atmosphere will be hot to very hot during the day and temperatures will be warm at dawn.

There will be east winds shifting to the northeast from 15 to 25 km / h and gusts over 45 km / h on the coast of Yucatan and Campeche.

Meanwhile A new cold front will enter the northwest Gulf of Mexico