Progreso: Street fight in full contingency for coronavirus

PROGRESO, YUCATAN (April 16, 2020).- Progreso gang members forgot about the quarantine and started a street fight in the area of Yucalpetén.

The events were revealed on social networks, when a user by the name of Gaspar N. M., uploaded a video to his personal Facebook account where two subjects can be seen fighting in the streets of Progreso.

The events occurred in the shelter port of Yucalpetén, where a large group of people forgot about the coronavirus, the lockdown, healthy distance, and face masks and simply got together to watch the fight.

Two teenagers went at it with fists and kicks against each other, until one of them fell to the ground, struck by a kick to the face.

When one of the fighters fell to the ground, two other young men wanted to attack the aggressor, however more people came out and scampered the teenagers.

The young man who remained on the floor was helped by a woman who is presumed to be his romantic partner.

Logically, the efforts of the authority to maintain the contingency for the coronavirus are in vain, if the population does not abide by the restrictions.

Source: La Verdad de Yucatán