People of Sahé block access to Kekén pork meat plant

(Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (April 28, 2020).- After it was revealed that suspicious cases of Covid-19 are found in the Kekén plant located in the community of Sahé, residents blocked one of its entrances with rocks for fear of contagion.

Sahé locals pointed out that if the Kekén managers are not afraid of the coronavirus, they are and they are not going to allow that due to the ambition of this pork meat company, an outbreak could occur in the municipality of Tixpéual.

They said the health and the life of the people of Sahé is a priority.

Sahé is located 17.6 kilometers (11 mles) southeast of Mérida (INEGI)

“If the virus gets into our town it will be worse than a hurricane,” said Daniela Chi a resident of Sahé. “We do not know what we are dealing with, we are very scared, and we are afraid our children and elderly. We want all of Yucatan to know about this situation” she added.

On Monday April 27th, employees of the Kekén plant in Sahé stopped working, and demanded that the directors of the company intervene before alleged suspected cases of Covid-19 inside the facilities, located in the municipality of Tixpéual.

They pointed out that among their colleagues there were 60 to 70 who had flu symptoms, with cough and fever, but still, they had to report to work.

Before the protest, the managers took them to see the doctor, but never confirmed if any of them was infected with the virus or not.

But on Tuesday, April 28th, the company reported that thanks to its sanitary filters, they detected timely suspicious cases. Following their protocol, the identified person and those who had contact with him during the working day should return to their home immediately to quarantine, while samples are taken and tests are run, in order to have a clear diagnosis and follow up the health protocols.

The Yucatan Times