People forget quarantine to go buy cheap chicken in Tecoh, Yucatan

The Tecoh City Council, Yucatan municipality, had exhorted the population to stay at home and thus avoid contagion of coronavirus, people broke the quarantine to buy chicken at a low price.

The events occurred on the morning of Tuesday April 7, when a long line was formed to buy chicken meat for 10 pesos pero kilo, in front of the Municipal Palace, without establishing healthy distance protocols.

Tecoh is located 20 miles south of downtown Merida (Google)

Dozens of people went to the Municipal Palace to buy chicken, although it was anticipated that only up to 5 kilograms of the product would be sold to each person.

Non of the people wore face masks as the authorities have ordered, which has unleashed a wave of criticism against the Tecoh City Council, since it was they who launched the irresistible offer.

Although the intention of the municipality of Tecoh had the objective of giving the product at an economic price, as a benefit for the people’s economy, the sanitary measures necessary due to the contingency were not taken.

The Yucatán Times