Pemex detects cases of coronavirus in marine platforms off the coast of Campeche

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported on April 11th, that it carried out 31 medical examinations on workers of the Abkatun-A marine oil platform, of which 13 were defined as suspected cases of COVID-19 and two others were referred to the Ciudad del Carmen General Hospital.

Through a statement, the company indicated that two workers had to take pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal exudate for viral isolation to determine if they had coronavirus.

The statement also announced that PEMEX reinforced the sanitation measures, with all personnel on board, applicable to common areas and measures to maintain a healthy distance.

Likewise, in the Pemex marine platforms, particularly in Zaap-C and MASE 801, health protocols and monitoring of suspected cases of COVID-19 are being conducted as well.

The director of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, expressed his determination to work in coordination with the Governor of Campeche, Carlos Miguel Aysa González, to maximize the prevention protocols and epidemiological care on marine platforms and reduce the risks of infection by COVID-19.

The federal official guaranteed that the Mexican company will work closely with the president and will support the measures that the government has implemented throughout the country, in order to protect the health of the people of Campeche.

He stressed that the productive dynamics that occur on the platforms has led to maintaining strict control and monitoring inside and outside of them, because the priority is to prevent the virus from spreading indiscriminately.

In the face of the global health emergency caused by COVID-19, Pemex has implemented strict health and safety protocols, as well as random sampling of a representative proportion of workers on marine platforms to detect suspicious cases and protect the health of their personnel.

Pemex has applied the COVID 19 Emergency Response Plan with the evaluation of cases and constant reviews of health protocols in the offshore oil facilities of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Yucatan Times