Northeast Governors offer economic pact to entrepreneurs

MONTERREY (APPRO) – The governors of the country’s Northeast announced that they would establish a pact with regional businessmen to reactivate the economy of the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, and Coahuila, in times of the epidemiological contingency of covid-19.

In the fourth meeting of the leaders held here today, Francisco García, from Tamaulipas; Jaime Rodríguez, from Nuevo León, and Miguel Riquelme, from Coahuila, announced that they would meet next week with businessmen to mitigate the impact that the quarantine forced by the coronavirus will leave.

Rodriguez Calderon said the governors committed to undertake extraordinary measures in their states to prevent the pandemic from further hurting their economies.

“We will summon the businessmen of the three states to make an economic agreement, to plan from this moment on the reactivation of the economy of our three states. We will support the companies and businesses in our region. Even if we have to change our budget, even if we have to make the necessary modifications to create the conditions to protect jobs and allow people to have this condition.” said El Bronco at the end of the meeting held at the Bishops’ Museum.

As part of the coordinated actions to be taken by the governors to address the health crisis generated by the pandemic, Riquelme said that the plan is to prevent the region from becoming economically depressed, through a series of coordinated and simultaneous actions.

In the health part of their strategy, the presidents said they would continue to implement free testing among the population and exchange information on cases of contagion and risk.

They mentioned that they would create facilities so that those suspected of having contracted the coronavirus are isolated and do not affect other members of the family with whom they live, and patients from other hospitals.

They said they would establish a protocol to proceed in case of death in the three states, due to atypical pneumonia or with suspicion of having contracted the disease, so that the corpse will be immediately examined.

Those that are positive will be incinerated as soon as possible to avoid higher risks. Next week, the governors of the Northeast will also communicate with Texas authorities to seek unification of criteria for contingency management.

It was reported Friday that Nuevo Leon remains with six deaths caused by the coronavirus, with 179 infected, three of which were detected in the last 24 hours.