New measures applied to Merida’s public transportation.

MERIDA Yucatan (Grupo-Sipse) – Yucatan’s Government, in coordination with the urban transport concessionaires, took new measures to ensure there is more distance between people when using this service.

According to a notice circulating on social networks, the number of passengers per unit is reduced. To begin with, people can no longer stand, not only to avoid close contact but also to limit the use of the handrails.

In addition, each double seat will only be able to carry one person, thus also avoiding contact with another passenger as much as possible, and with regard to the back seat, for five people, only three will be able to travel, separated by a seat.

Foto: Novedades de Yucatan- Grupo SIPSE

These measures have already begun to be applied, causing some inconvenience to users. Still, finally, everything is for the “Healthy Distance,” which means that people should remain separated at the stops, for which the authorities painted marks that determine the space that should be between person and person, all to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Yucatan Times
With information from Novedades de Yucatan