More Yucatan municipalities are closing their borders

MÉRIDA, April 3, 2020.- Mocochá is one more of the Yucatecan municipalities that are closing their borders, as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Inhabitants have placed barricades with stones, branches and signs warning that there is NO ENTRANCE, since Mocochá is in contingency to prevent contagion of coronavirus.

In this way, Mocochá joins municipalities such as Buctzotz, Motul, Chabihau, Sisal and Celestún.

All of these places have barricaded themselves to prevent coronavirus infections, and only allow people from the community to enter and leave, as well as food and food providers.

Anyone who is not from the community is rejected. in places like Celestún, the transport service has been limited, and the people of the community can no longer leave the municipality.

The Yucatan Times