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Mexico could ask Cuba for help – AMLO

by Yucatan Times
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Mexico could ask Cuba for nurses and doctor… yet AMLO fired 10,000 health professionals during his first year in office. 

Lopez Obrador reported that if necessary, the Cuban government will be asked to help with doctors and nurses from the island, to come to Mexico to support the plan against the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“We have an excellent relationship with the government of Cuba, as we do with the governments of the world. The Chinese government has helped us, we have cooperative relations with the government of the United States, and we also have excellent relations with the government of Cuba. We are in talks to ask them -if necessary- to help us precisely with intensive care specialists; they have nurses and doctors specialized in intensive care. It is in the case that it is required”. (SIC)

“We now have two stages, two moments, already very advanced in their preparation which has to do with the health sector, the beds, the ventilators, the specialists, this plan is going very well and I would tell you that although we are not yet in the most challenging stage, we have more resources, we have more beds, more ventilators, more specialists than we need today, only in the health sector. You can’t say that the health sector, the institutes, the Social Security hospitals (IMSS), the ISSSTE are full, we don’t have that. Fortunately, we have space, capacity to provide care”.

In July 2019, The Yucatan Times published a note regarding the firing of at least 10,000 Mexican health sector employees due to a 44% cut in this area decreed by Lopez Obrador. However, it reached an agreement with the Cuban regime to import the doctors who were withdrawn from Brazil.

Back then, 1,300 health workers, particularly those with medical specialties, were laid off. The contracts of up to 45% of the temporary workers of the Ministry of Health in tourist areas such as Quintana Roo were not  renewed after their contracts ended on December 31, 2019.

We remind you that currently, the export of doctors represents the highest income of the Cuban regime, with figures five times higher than tourism, given that it retains up to 90% of the salary of these doctors, literally converted into slaves of the Cuban dictatorship.

News outlets throughout the world, have shown the precarious conditions Cuban doctors face in their personal lives and call their living situation “slavery.”  The Cuban doctors are forbidden to be with their families, and these are in danger if the doctors manage to raise their voice of protest against the conditions given by the Cuban dictatorship. They are instruments of the revolution and, therefore, part of its propaganda apparatus.

When AMLO took office on December 1 2018, he promised to improve the health system he considered “inefficient.” However, to date, it has worsened with illogic cuts, under a method according to AMLO corrupted, but yet fully functional during the previous administration, leading the country into a health crisis.

While thousands of health professionals in Mexico without employment, despite the growing health crisis, the Mexican government prefers to hire cheap labor and opens the door to Cuba’s communist regime, which enslaves its doctors and gives the Cuban dictatorship resources to perpetuate itself in power.

The Yucatan Times

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