Mérida woman feeds Plaza Grande starving pigeons

The coronavirus contingency has left the pigeons in Mérida’s Plaza Grande without food and the birds are starving due to the quarantine and the closure of public spaces.

This situation worried a woman who dared to break the quarantine and went to the Plaza Grande to feed the pigeons.

This lady, who calls herself on social networks Beth Ross, said on her Facebook account that she was very concerned about the situation with the pigeons and decided to break the quarantine to bring food to the birds.

Beth assures that when he arrived at the Plaza Grande, a municipal police officer was nearby and he allowed her to park her vehicle to feed the pigeons.

Rice, broken corn and bread, was part of the food that the woman brought to the pigeons. She says that the birds were so hungry, that some of them dared to take food from her hand.

The woman appreciated the gesture of the police officer, named Sergio, who emptied the water he had left in his thermos, and the pigeons quickly came down to drink from it.

Beth assured that she will try to bring food to the pigeons every three days.

The Yucatan Times