Mérida Police remove ‘idlers’ sitting around the Plaza Grande

Plaza Grande Merida, YUc. (Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

Police officers remove Meridans sitting on Plaza Grande benches for no reason.

Since the beginning of the contingency, Mérida’s local authorities have sought measures so that people remain in their homes and thus avoid infections, however, there are those who for no reason refuse to follow the protocol.

It is normal that every day, dozens of people use the benches of the Plaza Grande to spend a pleasant time or just to rest a little. Many sit for hours chatting and taking advantage of the shade of the trees.

But this is no longer possible, since now the Municipal Police is in charge of removing all these people who sit for no reason on the benches in the square.

The police officers approach the people, explain them the situation, and then, ask citizens to please leave the square.

On April 1st, downtown Mérida shows a new scenario, where businesses, restaurants, hostels and shops are closed down.

However, in different streets of the Historic Center street vendors are still roaming around, who despite the lockdown ordered by the state government, go out to try to sell their products in order to earn some income and support their families.

The Yucatan Times