“Mérida nos une”, a platform that positions the “White City” at the forefront as a digital city

Presiding over the launch of the digital platform “Mérida nos Une” (Mérida unite us), Mayor Renán Barrera Concha stressed that citizen participation, a fundamental pillar of his government, today is showing more than ever its sensitivity, generosity and solidarity with innovative initiatives to help to those who, due to their vulnerable condition, are being more affected by the pandemic.

The mayor led the online presentation of the platform that again positions Merida at the forefront as a digital city.

“This is a sign that when you have the desire and the conviction, you can contribute to make a difference, even in times of adversity,” he said.

Today we are taking a new step in modern history and in the use of technologies like never before, by putting this platform at the service of society, because today more than ever, it is a fundamental tool to bring aid to those who need it most— the mayor asserted.

Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha (Photo: Ayuntamiento de Mérida)

Barrera Concha stated that the network is currently working on the first phase of this strategy from two fronts, the first focused on the collection of medical supplies to support the medical sector. And the second front is focused on achieving greater coordination in terms of logistics and distribution of those supplies in an effective manner.

Mérida nos Une” seeks to make visible all the support networks that have emerged in the municipality since the health emergency began, in order to coordinate those efforts so that aid reaches those who really need it, “said Julio Sauma Castillo, Participation Secretary Citizen.

If you want to help, just go to Mérida nos Une and register.

The Yucatan Times