Mérida continues to find noble people in the midst of contingency

via:La Verdad

The capital of Yucatan continues to witness examples of compassion and solidarity.

Although Yucatan continues to suffer from the Covid-19 contingency that has disrupted the lives and economy of all its citizens, examples of nobility continue to emerge and inspire others.

A good example of this, are the efforts made by the residents of Mérida, in the San Marcos Nocoh neighborhood, who have come together to support those most in need, by giving away basic products that they collect from each other.

The initiative, which has been highly praised in various Facebook groups in Merida, was promoted by a neighbor in the area called Mary Lozano, who set up a table outside her home, where people can come to make their donations.

The open invitation to join this initiative is made through social networks, asking them to come for products such as food and drinks, as well as personal hygiene products, among others.