Mauricio Vila Dosal, extends Ley Seca

MÉRIDA (Times Media Mexico) – Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in order to prevent domestic violence from escalating during isolation, the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, decreed dry law within a period of time that would end on April 30. However, in view of the extension of the quarantine, the executive branch also decided to extend the dry law

Although there have been many citizen petitions to the governor of Yucatan Mauricio Vila Dosal, – even through social networks – for the lifting of the Dry Law that prohibits the commerce and consumption of inebriating beverages, tonight, the executive sent a new decree that extends the ban until May 15.

On April 10, through a decree, Governor Vila Dosal imposed a ban on the sale and consumption of intoxicating beverages until April 30.

But a few hours before the end of this period, the governor extended the measure until May 15

According to the new decree, the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages applies to all establishments and places referred to in article 253-A of the State Health Act. A person who violates this prohibition may be imprisoned for up to six years and fined for up to 200 days, in accordance with the State Penal Code.