In the absence of visitors, animals at Mérida’s Zoos are more relaxed

(Photo: Archive)

“In the absence of visitors, animals at Mérida’s Zoos (Centenario and Animaya) are more relaxed,” said Arturo Antuña Silveira, deputy director of General Services, of the Merida City Council,.

As we reported, on March 16 both zoos closed their doors to the public due to the coronavirus health emergency.

Although the health of the collaborators has been prioritized, Antuña Silveira stressed that animals cannot be neglected, and that is why they are monitored 24 / 7.

The official said that in the morning the staff focuses on feeding the species and providing treatments to the animals that require it, while in the afternoon and at night the staff just carriew out surveillance actions.

“The absence of visitors has allowed us to interact more with the animals, and we have taken advantage of the lockdown to feed them earlier in the day, and it seems like the animals enjoy their food better during the afternoon.” he continued.

“With no visitors or people in the park wandering around, staff and veterinarians have more time available to take care of each end avery one of the animals, in a personalized manner,” he added.

“But mostly, the absence of visitors, has caused the animals to be more relaxed”, Antuña Silveira explained.

“I would say that the animals are exposed to a lesser level of stress, because in the absence of visitors they look much more relaxed, they show a better level of coexistiance better between species, as you can see that in the case of Animaya the species are all together in the meadow. Animals are handling this absence very well, “he stated.

The official highlighted that they are constantly monitoring the breeding area of ​​the macaws, as they are brooding right now. And they are also waiting for the hatching of ostrich and flamingo eggs, as they are in the middle of the spawning period.

It is spring time, and many of the species are in the process of reproduction.

The official also pointed out that, taking advantage of the parks’ closure, some areas are being maintained.

“The medical area is being improved. Mayor Renán Barrera Concha has personally asked us to continue with these tasks, and the idea is to finish the improvement works in a timely manner, ” deputy director of General Services, of the Merida City Council concluded.

The Yucatan Times