In Mexico, “Atypical pneumonia” is killing more people than COVID-19 – IMSS denies it.

Photography: Noticaribe Peninsular

CANCUN Quintana Roo – The newspaper Noticaribe Peninsular presented a report which stated that the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) located in Cancun’s 510 block registered the death of 19 people in recent days due to “atypical pneumonia.

The IMSS authorities have kept the situation airtight and do not report to the patients’ relatives about the real health condition, which also puts the general population at risk.

Until yesterday, Tuesday, April 7, 2020, some 41 patients were diagnosed with “atypical pneumonia” in the hospital, according to the medical reports in the ‘initial observation’ section. In addition to these, 15 citizens with COVID-19, including a woman who is almost six months pregnant, were also diagnosed.

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Nineteen deaths in the last 13 days.
The third floor of the hospital, destined for Internal Medicine, became the area for patients with this ailment. An isolated area where employees do not want to go, even by accident.

Thursday 26 and Friday, March 27, were critical days. The IMSS registered eight deaths from ‘atypical’ pneumonia, according to sources inside the institution. In addition, IMSS workers reported a lack of supplies. From Friday 3 to Sunday, April 5, the figure increased: 10 deaths classified as ‘atypical’ pneumonia

Which means 3.3 cases a day in that period. In the last few hours, according to sources inside the hospital, four people were ‘intubated’ and classified as terminally ill. One of them died at midnight on Monday.

Lack of supplies
On several occasions, health personnel in this and several IMSS hospitals have denounced the lack of supplies to care for both patients and the COVID-19 pandemic.

This equipment includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as N95 masks, gowns, aprons, head covers, shoe covers, goggles, gloves, among other items.

During a protest on March 24, medical personnel accused the Institute of providing insufficient, inadequate, and conditioned material. The health workers have said that the ‘disposable’ masks are useless.

Below is the full text of the “information card” sent by the Social Communication Coordination of the IMSS Quintana Roo:

“Because of the information published in the digital media Noticaribe Peninsular about the General Regional Hospital No. 17 in this city, the Representative Office of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) informs:

The Institute, through the Institutional Plan for Contingency Care for COVID-19, has detonated a national strategy to expand the response capacity for the right to hospital care. HGR 17 is classified as a Reconversion Hospital and has adapted its areas and processes to receive patients in this pandemic.

Following established protocols, it carries out organized management for the care and reception of patients suspected or confirmed by COVID-19.

The data reported in the information note on deaths and incidence rates are incorrect. The official figures of the IMSS and the Quintana Roo Representative Office are published in official reports issued daily by the Ministry of Health.

Besides, training courses are held for medical personnel on the handling and safety of patients suspected or confirmed by COVID-19.

Supplies are provided to personnel who have contact with confirmed or suspected coronavirus patients to ensure the safety of workers and their dependents.

The IMSS endorses its commitment to protect the integrity of its patients and workers following medical protocols.

It is essential that because of the health emergency that demands the total concentration of IMSS, rumors regarding COVID-19 should be avoided.

The Ministry of Health, the only official source on the subject, offers a daily conference with authorities in the sector to publicize the updated figures, which are also communicated on their social networks and website”.

With information from Noticaribe

The Yucatan Times

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