In Merida, the number of attacks on women has increased.

MERIDA Yucatán (Women’s Institute of the City of Merida) – From Wednesday 1 to Monday, April 27, 2020, 140 calls for help were registered. Out of those, 106 were emergency calls, and three of them were for emotional containment caused by Covid-19 explained Fabiola García Magaña, director of the Women’s Institute of the City of Merida, reported yesterday.

The municipal official said that due to the confinement, they have observed that on Mondays and Tuesdays, the calls for help are triggered. Wednesday, the calls go down and again on Thursday and Friday increase. Before, the rise was during the weekends.

The municipal official said that alcohol is a trigger for violence in these cases, especially if combined with confinement. She considers that these rates could be double or more if the “dry law” had not been applied in the entity.

Fabiola García said that from April 1 to April 27, 31, many of the calls registered were from women who expressed legal and psychological doubts, and two of them were admitted to the municipal shelter for the care and protection of women.

Incidentally, the official announced that because of the contingency of the coronavirus, they have had to modify the processes and add some provisions so that women who require it can access this shelter.

For safety reasons, those women who are to enter the shelter are first sent to a hotel room for isolation for a week while undergoing medical check-ups. In this way, it’s ensured there’s no Covid-19 infection, or if they already have it, then subject them to the treatment they require before arriving at the municipal shelter.