If necessary, Mérida hotels could become hospitals

Mérida, Yucatán (April 6, 2020) In a coordinated effort, the federal secretariats of Health and Tourism, are launching the “Hotel Covid-19” program in the city of Mérida.

“Hotel Covid-19” trasforms hotel spaces into alternatives to attend or treat people infected with coronavirus, in the event that public and private hospitals services could collapse, and become insufficient at some point, due to the large number of infected patients.

The president of the Mexican Association of Yucatan Hotels (AMHY), Héctor Navarrete Medina, reported that these protocols to enable hotels as hospitals, will be carried out in a coordinated by the federal and state health authorities, in conjunction with the Tourism Secretariat.

If necessary, the first hotels will be those closer to the city’s hospitals.

The business leader said: “The vast majority of hotels in the Yucatecan capital have closed their doors, and only those that house federal health workers, employees of companies that due to their own executive responsibilities have to stay in the city; and foreigners who have not been able to leave because borders remain closed in their countries of origin.

Navarrete Medina also said that there will be no national or regional tourists coming to the “White City” this week.

“Nobody will be allowed to stay at hotels in Merida during phase 2, all reservations have been canceled”, concluded the president of the Mexican Association of Yucatan Hotels (AMHY) .

The Yucatan Times