Experts advise not to approach the reptiles and call the firefighters who have experience in handling them.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (April 20, 2020).- Due to the high temperatures registered these days, it is common to see snakes on the grounds of the houses that, according to the Yuumil Kaan group, are harmless but people kill them.

The representative of the group, Julián Escalante Chan, indicated that it is common that the intense heat causes these animals to explore urban areas in search of food.

He said that it is important for people who find a snake or viper to call the fire department immediately, because they have received training to handle these reptiles, that in some cases may bite if they are not caught with the proper precautionary measures, basically because they feel threatened.

Only five species are dangerous
In the state of Yucatán, there are only five species of snakes that represent a public health risk due to their venom, among them are rattlesnake, nauyaca, four noses and huolpoch.

The expert explained that the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) has antidotes that manage to neutralize the poison, as long as the person arrives in a time not exceeding two hours after the bite.

“If the person has any special condition, the time could be shorter. The antidotes are different, due to the type of venom of the reptile and it is important to identify the specimen in case of a snake bite,” Escalante Chan concluded.

The Yucatan Times