Governor supervises temporary hospital installation at the Siglo XXI Convention Center

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal supervised the works carried out at the Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention and Exhibition Center, where almost 500 beds are currently being installed and prepared, so that the enclosure can function as an exclusive medical space for people infected with coronavirus.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal confirmed the assembly of 52 beds with oxygen intakes for patients requiring critical care. In addition there will be 123 beds for intermediate care and 315 for basic care. These facilities would be used in case the number of infections exceeds the state’s hospital capacity.

Accompanied by the state Secretary of Health, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, the governor confirmed the installation of hospital beds at the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

The first section, with 52 beds, will have a connection to medicinal oxygen. The number could increase with portable oxygen tanks for non-serious patients who only require a mask or nasal tips

Likewise, all the beds installed will have assigned health personnel and the necessary equipment, medical supplies, and will comply with all safety and hygiene measures.

The Yucatan Times