Google mobility study says Mexicans are not staying at home as much as they should

In Mexico, mobility has not been sufficiently reduced, study reveals.

MEXICO CITY: It seems that the #StayHome campaign has not been enough. A study by Google reveals that Mexicans are those who least comply with the measures of isolation imposed due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

According to the data presented by Google, Mexico is the country in all of Latin America that least respects the so-called lockdown’s “stay at home” measures, in order to avoid contagion. Google has registered great mobility of people in public spaces during the days of the lockdown.

Google shows that Mexico is on the list of those who have least reduced their flow of mobility.

While in Argentina and Colombia there was a reduction of 86%, and Brazil 71%, according to Google, Mexico registers only a 35.4%.

Among other data pertaining to Mexico that Google was able to calculate are that the reduction in mobility:
  • 45% in leisure places,
  • 46% on the playground,
  • 47% in transport stations,
  • 19% in markets
  • 20% working places.

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