Foreign people cause psicosis in Río Lagartos

RÍO LAGARTOS.— In the midst of the health contingency, foreigners caused psychosis with their presence after their sailboat ran aground at the mouth of this Yucatecan port.

Residents of Río Lagartos noticed on Sunday April 26th, that the boat had ran aground, but the occupants had not been identified.

It was until Monday April 27th, when Pedro Guani Pieretti, 28, from Brazil; Mark Vermo, 32, from Miami, and Irina Chirsten, 27, from Switzerland, got off the boat and arrived at the port.

Municipal police officers interviewed the just arrived foreigners who were invited to undergo a medical examination at the Health Center to comply with security protocols and rule out the possibility of having Covid-19.

The news of the presence of foreigners spread quickly throughout the port, rumors said they had symptoms of Cooronavirus.

However, the mayor of Río Lagartos, Erick Alcocer Estrada, took control of the situation, and confirmed that none of the foreigners had symptoms and that they were sent to the port captaincy where staff of the National Institute of Migration will determine their status in our country.

The mayor explained that the sailboat broke down and that is why they ran aground in front of the port of Río Lagartos.

Alcocer said that fortunately so far there are no cases of coronavirus in the municipality of Río Lagartos, and that is why they will continue with the sanitary measures including healthy distance, checkpoints, the disinfection of streets and the control of outsiders who enter the port by land or by sea.

On the other hand, in recent days there have been situations with the people who are in charge of the checkpoints, since phase 3 of the pandemic was declared, everyone who leaves the port is asked to return the same day or access will be restricted, which causes confrontations between the inhabitants of Río Lagartos.

The Yucatan Times