Firefighters from three corporations try to put down a huge fire between Yucatan and Quintana Roo

Firefighters from Conafor, the SSP, and Sedena join efforts to put out a fire that ravages forests between the limits of the two states.

The Yucatan State Civil Protection Coordination (Procivy) works intensively to combat the first major fire of the season in the state, which is located in the area bordering Quintana Roo, in order to safeguard the state’s natural heritage.

The head of the agency, Jesús Enrique Alcocer Basto, indicated that, due to its magnitude and inaccessibility of the terrain, near the communities of Tigre Grande and Sudzal Chico, the incident is handled in conjunction with the National Forestry Commission (Conafor), the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), as well as the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena).

(Photo: La Verdad)

He explained that, usually only one of these corporations acts for each fire recorded, in order to optimize resources and cover as many fires as possible, however, in this case, coordination was required, due to the size of the conflagration.

Alcocer Basto mentioned that the magnitude of this fire has to do with the severe drought currently registered in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Yucatan Times