TIZIMÍN, YUCATAN (April 21, 2020) .— An animal protector asks for help to feed 45 dogs and cats that she shelters in her house after being rescued from the streets of this city.

Tizimin resident, Lucy López Coronado says that the current situation is becoming increasingly critical due to the coronavirus contingency, which makes the support of the animals she has brought to her house very difficult.

She explained that some people have found out about her case and have made donations, since Lucy is widely known in Tizimin as an animal protector.

The woman received three deposits of 100 and 200 pesos, but those resources have already been spent on food for the animals.

Lucy López Coronado added that she is not asking for money, but food instead, because the 35 cats and 10 dogs that she rescued from the streets of Tizimin, need to eat.

“The situation with stray dogs and cats in the state is alarming, but with the pandemic it has become even more difficult, and now these poor animals have a roof on their heads, but no food to eat”, Lucy declared.

Just three weeks ago they left in front of her house a litter of cats that was found in the entrance of a supermarket.

The animal activist expressed that before the health contingency occurred, she could managed to keep the animals, but right now she does not have a job and therefore she asks for the support of society.

She invited citizens to not abandon their pets because they are not to blame for the crisis that is being faced worldwide, and many people are throwing them out into the street, because they can no longer feed them.

People who want to support Lucy with dog or cat food, can go to Calle 50 (between 47 and 45), downtown Tizimin, right in front of the local supermarket.

Her cellphone number is 986 106 2690; and for those interested in making a financial contribution, can do so at the Banamex account number 4766 8411 0353 4494.

The Yucatan Times