Deer are spotted in Cholul’s Floresta subdivision during lockdown

MERIDA, YUCATAN (April 16, 2020) .- The wild fauna continues to show up in the middle of urban areas suring the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and also due to the high temperatures that have been registered in the city for several weeks.

This Thursday April 16, deer were sighted on ridges of Cholul’s Floresta subdivision, which are added to the stories of a toucan and a golden pheasant that we have published yesterday.

In this hot and dry season, wildlife usually comes to inhabited areas in search of water and food, but they usually do so at night or very early in the morning, when there are no people around.

However, now that social mobility has decreased, due to social isolation by Covid-19, wild animals are getting closer to humans, even during daylight hours.

The Yucatan Times