Dead man found inside his house in Caucel; he had been dead for three days

Residents of Ciudad Caucel reported to the authorities a strong stench that came from the man’s home, and as they arrived they discovered the body.

The 59-year-old man who was found dead on Monday April 27th at his home on Calle 112-B (between 69 and 75) of the Almendros III subdivision in Ciudad Caucel was identified as Claudio N.

The corpse was already in an advanced state of decomposition, so it is presumed that the man died at least three days before the body was found.

Next door neighbors called the State Police, when they felt a strong stench that came from Claudio’s house, whom they had not seen for several days. A large number of flies inside and outside the premises made them suppose the worst.

Police officers arrived at the premises after the report and when they looked through the window they observed the body in an advanced state of decomposition, for which they requested the immediate assistance of the Forensic Medical Service. A few minutes later, a brother of the now deceased arrived at the place, who was asked to identify the body. He informed the authorities that his relative lived alone.

Forensic workers proceeded to take Don Claudio’s remains to the morgue, and it is presumed that the cause of death was a heart attack, as no signs of violence were observed inside the house.

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