Confrontation between Telchac Pueblo and Telchac Puerto due to barricades.

The people of Telchac Pueblo blocked another road that blocked the passage of their neighbors from Telchac Puerto. The conflict is intensifying.

TELCHAC PUERTO Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – The inhabitants of Telchac Pueblo put up a new barricade as a sanitary filter in view of the contingency caused by the Covid-19, which is the cause of problems between the inhabitants of Telchac Puerto and Telchac Pueblo since it is not possible to pass between the two towns.

Inhabitants of Telchac Pueblo and a municipal police patrol blocked the state highway from 6 a.m. and did not allow people from outside the municipality to pass.

The barricade was set up shortly after the entrance to San Eduardo, Dzemul, where they do not allow people from Telchac Puerto to go to Motul to do their shopping and even to go to the doctor.

The people from the port say it is revenge because they did not let a group of young people enter the dock to fish. The villagers say they only want to go to the port to see their houses because they are supposed to be robbing the summer houses.

Third filter between the two towns
The accusations come and go among the villagers as they reproach each other that they did let the porteños in when they went shopping or went to Motul.

Telchac Pueblo already had two filters at the entrance and exit of the road to Telchac Puerto, but today they placed one more after the junction to San Eduardo.

By blocking this section, those in the port can no longer cross through San Eduardo, pass through Dzemul and go to Motul on the road to Kiní.