Chinese community delivers 40,000 mouth covers in Mérida

“In Merida, 90 percent of the almost one hundred Chinese food restaurants have closed due to the COVID – 19 coronavirus outbreak, which affects several families of the local Chinese community because they have to continue paying rent for premises and services”, reported Bai Yi, the president of the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

He said that Chinese entrepreneurs are greatly affected, but their sense of responsibility and discipline is strong, and they are committed to contribute to the economic normalization in the state capital, once the contingency ends.

And on Friday April 10th, in a demonstration of solidarity with the Yucatecan people, the local Chinese community gave the State Institute of Public Charity 20,000 mouthguards for surgical use to be distributed to the doctors, nurses and medical staff of the Yucatán health sector.

And today, Saturday April 11th, they will deliver 20,000 more pieces to the Merida City Council.

It should be remembered that the Chinese Association has promoted the twinning of Mérida and Chengdú, Mérida and Shangrao, Progreso and Chenghua, in addition to achieving the twinning of the state of Yucatan and the Chinese province of Sichuan.

The Yucatan Times