China records its first day without deaths from COVID-19

WUHAN China (Agencies) – China has announced the first day since it admitted the epidemic in which no one has died of coronavirus. The zero in the death box comes at a mainly symbolic time: this Wednesday, the quarantine siege of Wuhan, imposed on January 23, will be lifted, finalmente. The country had announced on January 11 its first death from what was then known as atypical pneumonia and which the World Health Organization (WHO) would end up calling Covid-19.

According to figures released on Tuesday by the National Health Commission, the number of seriously ill people in Covid-19 has also fallen below 200 for the first time.

The number of confirmed cases totals 82.718. An increase of only 32 infected from the previous day, all of the examples of people arriving from outside China, which has kept its borders closed to foreigners since March 25. No cases of community infection have been reported. The country has declared 3 335 deaths from the disease, although a US CIA report considers the real figure to be higher.

On Monday, the Commission had already recorded a single death from the disease on Sunday. The announcement represents a further confirmación that, little by little, China, the country where the first cases of infection by the new coronavirus were detected, is managing to prevail over the pathogen.

Since the beginning of March, the country had already seen a steady decline in the number of new infections. The lifting of the blockade of Wuhan will be a milestone in the fight against the disease, a symbol that things are returning to normal.

Starting this Wednesday, those who wish to leave Wuhan will be able to do so if they prove to be in good health through a telephone application. As of March 28, anyone can enter this city of 11 million people on the banks of the Yangtze River if they can prove that they are not carrying the virus.

Throughout the day, the Wuhan authorities have been working on intensificado to get everything ready for the big day. In essence, the city’s airport has been subjected to intensive disinfection, and maintenance teams are cleaning the roadbeds.

Toll booths have been blocked until now for any vehicle that wants to leave, except for the trucks that have transported the necessary supplies for the city and cars oficiales.

The Yucatan Times