Are dogs being kidnapped in Oxkutzcab, Yucatán?

OXKUTZCAB, YUCATÁN (April 15, 2020).— In addition to the inevitable robberies in residential houses, it is presumed that there people kidnapping purebred dogs and asking for money as ransom.

On April 13th, “Panther”, a black pug, was recovered by its owner Leticia Chel in a house located on Calle 48 (between 37 and 39) in Oxkutzcab’s Colonia Santoyo, after the dog went missing on March 26.

Since her pet disappeared, the woman asked for help on social networks to find him, and later on that day, she received threatening phone calls from someone who allegedly had her dog, but would not hand it over unless a certain amount of money was paid.

Leticia Chel and her relatives located the property where her dog was being held hostage, and she demanded them to return it.

The person allegedly responsible for the dog’s kidnapping who has been only identified as Fernando, is not from Yucatan, but has been living in Oxkutzcab for some time now.

The man told Leticia that he only returns the animals if he receives a reward starting at $ 1,500 pesos, depending on the breed; however, in the case of “Panther”, he was willing to give it back voluntarily, and he categorically denied that he had stolen the dog.

Leticia Chel broadcast live on Facebook the confrontation with the man and the delivery of her pet pug.

Leticia expressed that other stolen dogs are being held hostage inside the premises, and urged people to go to that house in case they have lost a dog.

According to Leticia, the man now widely known as a “dog kidnapper” works in a well-known restaurant-bar in Oxkutzcab.

The Yucatan Times