Animals at Merida’s Zoos are pampered with popsicles and cold baths

With actions aimed at preserving the wellbeing of the Parque Bicentenario and Animaya guests during the hot season, the zoo administration works to prevent health complications among the specimens due to high temperatures.

Changes in their diets, sprinklers, ice popsicles made with meat, blood, insects or fruits, as well as fresh water baths and “mud pools” to mitigate the heat, are some of the actions that technical personnel from both municipal zoos are applying to each species to offer conditions that promote their well-being.

Zoo animals’ health is very important for this municipal administration and that is why a strict control is maintained to verify that they are in good condition, especially in this season of high temperatures.

The head of the Centennial Zoological Park, Iber Rodríguez Castillo, reported that during the present administration some “roofs” made of hooves were installed for giraffes, deer, antilopes and peccaries.

During this season we take extreme care of the animals, their feeding, medical attention and the dynamics of recreation to combat heat and stress,” Rodríguez Castillo pointed out.

The coordinator of the Technical area of Animaya, biologist Claudia Ham Vega, explained that another of the measures to combat high temperatures are the showers with a sprinkler irrigation system, which is put into operation during the morning, at noon and late in the afternoon.

“While other animals, such as buffalo, berber, deer and ostriches, enjoy the mud that forms in the areas intended for the slopes”, she continued.

“Animaya has an artificial stream that recirculates the lake water for oxygenation, and this is the favorite spot for the llamas, emus and rheas to take refreshing baths, even in the winter season” — Ham Vega added.

“On the other hand, primates enjoy the natural shade that trees provide, so they remain on their islands among the vegetation taking a comforting nap during the day and feeding at sunrise or sunset,” the coordinator of the Technical area of Animaya concluded.

The Yucatan Times

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