“AMLO seeks to expropriate companies Hugo Chavez-style” – Torres Cofiño.

SALTILLO Coahuila (El Universal) – The president of the Governing Board of the Congress of Coahuila, congressman Marcelo Torres Cofiño, warned that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is seeking to expropriate companies in the style of Hugo Chávez, former president of Venezuela, which represents one of the worst signs of reliability to create fear of destabilizing.

The president of the Governing Board of the Congress of Coahuila warned that an intervention towards a company such as the one requested by senator Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, who demanded that the government intervene in the company Altos Hornos de Mexico, would be to give way to communism and sink the country

He openly criticized the declarations of Morena’s Senator and mining union leader Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, who demanded that the Federal Government intervene in the company Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) to guarantee jobs.

“You have to be shameless and irresponsible to request this measure. It is the most absurd thing that has come out of this Morenista government so far. Its simple mention constitutes the worst of signs that Morena can give for the confidence in the country”, he declared.

Torres Cofiño warned that Lopez Obrador’s government is seeking to create fear, even more so with the expropriations, which is why he urged Napoleon Gomez Urrutia to legislate instead of trying to carry out past revenge.

“The federal government has not shown capacity in such essential and basic tasks as the fight against poverty, security, and health care, these are not times for the government to be dedicated to running businesses, there are other essential tasks that Mexico needs, they cannot act on the whims of a senator,” he said.

He warned that the intervention Napoleón Gómez Urrutia is asking for, would give way to communism in Mexico and sink the country. “The Mexican economy is going backward and with declarations like these who is going to want to invest in our country, who is going to dare to risk his patrimony, if the least thoughtful day an irresponsible person like Napito jumps out to ask for expropriation,” he said.

“Just as Napoleon Gomez Urrutia said, who insisted that the federal government should intervene the company Altos Hornos de Mexico, to take care of the labor plant, ensure the production of steel and compliance with obligations to creditors, suppliers, and contractors, this, here and in China smells of expropriation,” The president of the Governing Board of the Congress of Coahuila said.

Torres Cofiño called for the federal government to respect the law, the private initiative, and that the legal conflicts of the owner of Altos Hornos de Mexico or any other company, are not to be used as a pretext to establish a communist regime in Mexico.